Philip Rutt

BEd Design Technology

Philip’s talent for painting and drawing was spotted early and he has produced and sold paintings and artwork since boyhood.

He trained as a Design and Technology Teacher in the late 70s and has been involved with Education in one form or another, throughout his varied career.

He founded SDB Rutt Design Group with Simon David Burn in 1993 specialising in Heritage Interpretation Design, Educational Graphics and Tourism material. One of the first jobs was to manage a major European funded design project promoting Geology to tourists in the Eiffel region of Germany.

Since then, Philip and his associates at SDB Rutt, have worked with many larger heritage and environmental organisations such as the National Trust, Natural England and many Local authorities, plus smaller interest groups, producing creative presentations and interpretive materials for their projects.

Philip has also worked extensively for Architects, Interior designers and product designers on a variety of commercial projects, largely in the UK but also in Europe, the Far East and North America (once again with Simon who had moved to Toronto and formed SDB Creative Group, Canada).

In addition to his design and illustration work, Philip has also acted as a copywriter and editor of books and copy for Heritage and Educational projects.

In 2007 he became a founder member and director of ARC Creative Design Ltd. which was formed to help facilitate the management of some of the more extensive Heritage Projects involving manufacture and contracting work.

Philip retired as a director at ARC Creative in 2015, and he continues to work with the ARC team on a freelance basis, helping with those projects where his special skills are most relevant.

He continues to trade as the lead partner of the SDB Rutt Design Group partnership, whilst producing fine art paintings, playing with his motorbikes and volunteering on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway.