More about Constellations

By understanding your past you can nurture your future

We all have areas in life we want to change. A systemic constellation offers you a way to find a profound resolution in your life, whether it is something you have wrestled with lifelong or something that has just arisen. The constellation process reveals what is tangled up in your life. It honours who you are and where you come from. A constellation maps out your place in the wider “system” and allows you to connect with other members of your family and culture in a new way. Paradoxically, when you take your right place in life you get a truer sense of self and you can move forward in life with ease.

What are Systemic Constellations?

Modern life and personal development promote the idea of people as individuals. We seem to be overlooking the fact that deep down we are still part of a wider community. Under the surface, we have deep connections to our family and culture. No man is an island. “Systemic constellations” also known as “family constellations” was the creation of German family therapist Bert Hellinger. His work was hailed as “one of the most outstanding developments” in the field of personal development.

What happens at a Workshop

Issues you can address
Systemic constellations will give you a unique insight and clarity into a wide range of life issues. Just as a few examples you can look at personal issues, relationships, health issues, or work and finances.

The actual “constellation process”
During a constellation, we’ll take simple facts about you, your family and your culture and then “represent” them using the people from the group (in a workshop). We’ll look at the spatial relationship that is created and reveal a physical map of who you are and where you come from. It is a very natural and intuitive process yet this simple activity is deeply moving and triggers profound movements in your life. One-to- one sessions are also possible using a slightly different format for the spatial representation.

About Luke

Luke trained as a facilitator with the Centre for Systemic Constellations this provided a grounding in “traditional” Family Constellations taught by a very experienced group of Gestalt Psychotherapists. He also trained with the renown practitioner Svagito Liebermeister in his unique style of more esoteric “Osho constellations” Luke meets the Centre for Systemic Constellations criteria for “ethically impeccable practice” and holds a place on their register. He undergoes regular “supervision” and happily undertakes “continued practice development.
Luke is a medical doctor practising as a GP in Hertfordshire where he lives with his two children. He has a breadth of life experiences that all add to the flavour of his work.
Please note that Systemic Constellations are not a recognised medical treatment and are definitely not a replacement for medical care, nor are they psychotherapy. Systemic constellations offer a unique perspective into personal development.
That being said, Luke is more than happy to use this unique perspective to look at health issues with a participant. He has enthusiastically embraced constellation work for over a decade, using it first for personal development before embarking on training and then facilitating the work over the last few years.  Luke has a zest for Systemic work, this really is a labour of love for him.

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