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One Day Workshops

A day of self-exploration using the Systemic Constellation Process facilitated by Dr Luke Maddocks. The day includes a series of meditations, exercises and larger group constellations. Some members of the group will get an invaluable opportunity to do a “full constellation” and everyone who comes will get something vital from the overall experience. This workshop is suitable for both those coming to constellations fo the first time as well as those who have lots of experience with the process. Everyone will get something valuable from the day. Come on your own or with a partner or a friend, you do not need to physically bring your whole family with you. If you have any questions about Systemic or Family Constellations or if this is suitable for you then feel free to contact Luke for an informal chat.

If you have any current or past mental health problems it is essential that you contact us before attending a workshop.

One to One Sessions

If you feel a workshop is not for you Systemic Living offers one-to- one sessions using the constellations process and principals to inform a conversation about your issue. This process lasts one to two hours and often produces profound insights and results. Sessions are available in Hertfordshire, London and other locations.

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19th August - London Bridge

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7th October - London Bridge

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