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What's new in this version of JPhotoBrush Pro (1.3)
  • JPhotoAnim,  provides a powerful, easy way to create animated GIFs from a several images. It also includes a banner wizard through which you can generate scrolling banners. Animated Gifs can be loaded and split into individual images.
  • Supports more file formats like : Windows 1/4/8/24/32-bit icon (ICO), PhotoShop format (PSD), PICT Macintosh Image (PICT), XPM, WBMP Formats along with existing JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, TGA formats.
  • Exif Support allows extraction of information (shutter speed, aperture, etc.) from photos taken with digital cameras and storing them in xml, html and text files. It now supports manufacturer specific metadata for several Sony, FujiFilm, Nikon, Canon, Casio and Olympus models. It uses Drew Noakes' raw extraction library .
  • Enhanced Image Browser while allows browsing through different directories and drives (including attachable drives).
  • Texture Chooser to choose from the provided texures. Users can also browse to use their own textures.