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           (To install Java Web Start click here )
Note: You can only run the demo version in JavaWebStart. To download the full version, see below:


IMPORTANT: When prompted, please enter the following when you start JPhotoBrush Pro the first time in your system :
Username: Freeware    (It is case sensitive)
Key: 35116

             Windows  version (with JRE 1.5)  15.8Mb [recommended for most Windows user]   Get the username/key from above

             Windows  version (without JRE)* 1.4 Mb   Get the username/key from above

Click here to view minimum/recommended system requirements.

* Note: You must have JRE (Java Run time Environment) 1.4 or higher installed to run it.  click here to download Java (for free)

For any downloading problems, mail the Author at tanveerrameez at yahoo dot com

If you face any problem while using JPhotoBrush Pro, probably you can find the solution here.

How to run the All-Platform version (This version runs in Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT , Linux, Macintosh, Solaris, IRIX, OS/2 ) :

Simply unzip the file and put the files in a directory. If you need any program for unzipping try Winzip

To run JPhotoBrush Pro, you basically execute the JPhotoBrush.jar file that you will get among other files when you unzip the program. :

1. In Windows, Linux, OS/2, Solaris and Mac, to run in command prompt type:  java -jar JPhotoBrush.jar

2. In Windows you can double click the jar file 'JPhotoBrush.jar' to open the application. This should work if your '.jar' files are not associated with any other application, for eg. Winzip. If not try the next step.

3. Also in Windows you can type : javaw -jar JPhotoBrush.jar . Using 'javaw' is recommended as compared to 'java' since there is no associated console window.

4. In Platforms that does not support -jar option , use java -cp JPhotoBrush.jar com.jarsafe.Main

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Minimum requirements:
Pentium 800 MHZ or equivalent
800x600 screen resolution
Recommended requirements:
Pentium 1 GHZ or equivalent
128 MB RAM
1024x768 screen resolution

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