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Tanveer Rameez has been a software developer/programmer since 1999 mainly in java technologies. His area of interest include application development, client-server/Web technologies, imaging , GUI development. He has extensive expertise in Java programming, Swings, Java2D, J2EE among other Java technologies.

When he is not in front of his computer, he likes playing badminton, swimming, traveling, charcoal sketching.
Regarded as the 'Sultan of Swings' by his friends and colleagues, Tanveer always had a fascination for imaging and graphics and wanted to make an application as a hobby that can manipulate images and that is easily affordable by the users. Thus JPhotoBrush was born. Finding time out of his crammed week-ends, he started the rudimentary JPhotoBrush in January 2002 as a small image processing application in java. After its very positive response and popularity, He improvised it to JPhotoBrush Pro, which is a more professional application. There are yet tons of tools and features to come in the next releases.  A complete Image manipulation/viewing/processing/publishing package called 'JPhotoSuite' is being planned to be release later this year.
Tanveer is originally from India and has a bachelor degree in Electronics & Telecommunication engineering. He now resides in UK and works as an IT consultant and is the director of Envika Consultancy Ltd.

Contact: tanveerrameez at yahoo dot com


* Drew Noakes for the exif framework for java.
* Rahul Bhargava, Institute of the Future
* To all the JPhotoBrush Pro fans and users for their suggestions and encouragement.